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El Calvo is a wine brand created by a father-daughter team who share a love for wine and a dream of starting their own winemaking business. Their approach to winemaking is unconventional, prioritizing creativity, authenticity, and a genuine love for the craft over technical expertise. They experiment with different grape varietals, blending techniques, and aging methods to create unique and memorable wines. Each bottle reflects the family’s passion for winemaking and tells a story.

Once our Monastrell grapes have ripened, and they are harvested by machine. The timing of the harvest is critical,which is why our grapes have been picked out perfectly which defines the quality of our wine.

                                                -Grape harvest, October 2022

At Barahonda once the wine has aged sufficiently, it may be blended with other wines to create a desired flavor profile. The wine is then bottled, corked, and labeled for sale.

                                                             -Bottling, (currently)

At Barahonda, the wine is typically aged in barrels or tanks to allow it to mature and develop additional flavours and complexity. This is done after the fermentation. This allow it to develop additional flavours and complexity before they are consumed.                                                                                                                                                              -Aging, Novemeber 2022

At El Calvo we provide vineyard management is the set of practices used in winemaking to maintain or improve grapevine health and productivity. It involves controlling weeds, pests, and diseases, improving soil structure and moisture… Techniques like pruning, trellising, and cover cropping are used to achieve this goal.

                                             – Vineyard managment, July 2022


ondernemers lounge

Welcome to the Ondernemers Lounge section of our website, where we are thrilled to share an exciting moment for our wine brand, El Calvo. Recently, our co-founder, Ted Oorbals, had the privilege of appearing on the renowned Dutch TV program, RTLZ, to showcase our exceptional wines and provide valuable insights into our brand.

Appearing on RTLZ’s Ondernemers Lounge has given us an incredible platform to share our story and introduce our brand to a wider audience. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our passion for winemaking and the tireless efforts that go into crafting each bottle of El Calvo.


At El Calvo, we believe that great wines tell great stories, and we want to share that story with you. We invite you to follow our journey, from the growth of the grapes in our vineyards in Yecla, South Spain, to the full production of our high-quality Monastrell wines. Along the way, we’ll share interesting facts and information about the grapes, the landscape, and the winemaking process, so that you can learn with us and appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of El Calvo wine. Join us on this exciting journey, and discover the story behind our exceptional wines.

Thanks to the expert guidance and support of Bodega Barahonda, we at El Calvo are able to create the ultimate bottle of wine. From carefully selecting the best Monastrell grapes to crushing and pressing, fermentation, aging, blending, and bottling, Bodega Barahonda provides us with the technical expertise necessary to ensure that every bottle of El Calvo wine is of the highest quality. Throughout the winemaking process, we are fully involved, working closely with Bodega Barahonda to create a wine that tells a great story and embodies the unique character of the Monastrell grape. With the help of Bodega Barahonda, we are confident that our wines will be a true testament to the rich history and tradition of winemaking in Yecla, South Spain.


At El Calvo, our Monastrell grapes come from vineyards in Yecla, South Spain that span over 65,000 square meters and boast wine ranks that are more than 35 years old. As a wine brand, we are proud to source our grapes from Yecla, a renowned wine region that benefits from a warm, dry climate and mineral-rich soils, providing ideal growing conditions for Monastrell grapes. Our high-quality grapes, combined with our skilled winemaking techniques, result in impeccable wine quality that we are known for: Our finished Monastrell wines are full-bodied, richly flavored, and have deep colors and firm tannins, making them highly sought-after by wine enthusiasts.

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