Great wines tell a story

Is there anything better in life as a family than to have together a father and a daughter the adventure of a lifetime with the passion and dedication about wine?

A father who has always dreamed about being in the wine business and a daughter that seeks as a communication student a way to learn. We together are not professional nor do we know much about the production of wine but we certainly have the will to create.

A wine called El Calvo

Made from 65.000m2 of Monastrell grapes from a place called Yecla in the south of Spain, with wine ranks that are more than 35 years old. So not much has to be said about the wine quality.

We together have decided as non professionals to not create a commercial business but instead one that can be followed through all our social media platforms, following the journey together with us.

As this should not be a journey only for us to enjoy but also the rest, as throughout it all you will be able to see from when the plants are growing until the full production of the bottle.


The Monastrell grape is the most characteristic variety of the Eastern Mediterranean.  It predominates in the Alicante Designation of Origin, and the Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas Designations of Origin from the Region of Murcia, and in the Valencian Community and in Catalonia, where it is called Morrastrell.

The wines made from this unique variety of grape tend to have a strong personality and offer a sublime quality. Modern, sweet, powerful and expressive wines of violet and fruity hues, with an insurmountable mildness and roundness. This grape can be used alone or blended with other grape varieties.

Our story

Following the whole story with us because as they say “Great wines tell a great story”. Not only that but we will also present with facts and additional information about the wine as for example info about the grape or landscape in order to learn together with us.

Adding to the fact

We believe that we are also the only ones in the industry that will show our victories but also our mistakes.